At the recently closed International Defense Exhibition "Partner 2015", which brought together a record number of exhibitors from Serbia and abroad, visitors had the opportunity to see the numerous achievements of our military industry. Many manufacturers have presented, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and our defence industry, the most current technologies and products of top quality and have shown that Serbia in this field does not lag behind other countries in the region.

Particularly interesting is the fact that a large number of western countries are interested in the products of our military industry, which was best demonstrated through the cooperation with the family company "Srboauto", engaged in the production and repair of universal drive-shafts for all types of vehicles (military, Van, trucks, buses) and construction and machinery, industrial plants, ships. The role of this company in the defence industry as well as in all others is of great importance for the country and the region, a fact the customers from the western countries have recognized already. Great interest was shown also for the products of the Pneumatik-flex company, both from the western and the far eastern countries. This company, with its 45-year-long tradition, offers top-notch complete solutions for all hydraulic systems from planning, design, to the sale and servicing of all pneumatic and hydraulic systems. It is interesting to note that Pneumatik-flex has been successfully cooperating with the Ministry of Defense for more than 15 years in many projects for domestic and foreign markets.

After the end of the fair, Predrag Tomić, the general manager of Srboauto, said: "Such a huge interest in the military industry products of our country has never been shown before which makes it a real surprise for all participants of the fair. I am personally particularly proud that our solutions have found a way to a large number of customers around the world and I believe that in the near future we will offer even more interesting products and great solutions. "

Great number of foreign investors and buyers were also interested in other exhibitors as well, which was confirmed in the speech given by Defense Minister, Mr. Bratislav Gasic.


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