History of Srboauto

Number of employees: 3
30 m2 of office space
  • SRBOAUTO Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Belgrade as a family company and still operates under the same ownership.
  • The main activity was the manufacture, repair and service of drive shafts, drive-axles and tie-rods.
Number of employees: 84
1.500 m2 of office space
  • The company had significantly increased the volume of work as well as the number of its employees so in 2002 it moved to the new office building in Brodarska Street in New Belgrade.
  • Poslovna zgrada

  • OSTRUŽNICA - Ostružnička petlja

    Poslovno proizvodni kompleks SRBOAUTO

Number of employees: 150
10.000 m2 of office space
  • The company has expanded its activities which now include the repair of freight vehicles, primarily the military and police vehicles.
  • Commercial production area has moved to the location in Ostruznica near the Ostruznicka petlja/ Ostruznica loop.


SRBOAUTO business activities

  • Manufacturing, repair and service of drive shafts, shafts and tie-rods
  • Production of machinery for drive shaft repair
  • Repair and service of vehicles, especially military and police
  • Spare parts sale


Overhaul and service of military vehicles

In the field of military vehicles overhaul, SRBOAUTO has grown into the most serious partner of the Serbian Armed Forces. Expertise and successful organization are evident in all overhauls of military vehicles.

Successful privatization of the Pneumatik-flex company has completed all the existing requirements in the process of overhaul thus giving Srboauto the ability to be fully independent in performing the most demanding overhauls of military vehicles.


Main activity

At the same time the company is not neglecting the activity by which it is recognized not only in our country but also in this part of Europe, and that is the overhaul and manufacture of all types of tie-rods and drive shafts for all vehicles. In this field, the company enhances daily and in addition to products it also exports various types of machines, which it produces independently, for the overhaul of drive shafts and tie-rods of all types.



  • Since 2007. godine we operate in accordance with the ISO 9001 – QMS standard.
  • In 2016. Our company obtained the ISO 9001 – QMS qualification, issued by the Military Quality Control.
  • In 2016. the authorized government institution has approved SRBOAUTO to obtain the access to confidential information certificate.



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